The great tango of elegant designs in your house which are created by superior pleasures and ranges of numerous colour,design and pattern.

Drapery and upholstery fabrics, head boards, original decorative objects, tablecloths, pillows, bedspreads, runners, throws and seat wraps are being produced.

Home Textile


Elegant touches to your home with drapery fabrics that are classic ,modern and avangarde in style


An original window of innovation that opens millions of coloured and patterend drapery fabrics.


The peak of creativity.


Unique drawing stlyes that are original and designed to intergrate with the decoration and location.


Bedspreads and pillows which are designed and personalized with  special and precise drawings with modern, classic, retro and avangard designs.


In our collection we have light weight silk fabrics ,polyester jacquard fabrics,viscose jacquard fabrics,linen fabrics, satin fabrics ,cotton fabrics,velvets,silk velvets,cotton velvets ,suade fabrics , nubuck fabrics, taffeta fabrics, viscose fabrics, chenille fabrics and jacquard chenille fabrics.



The special objects that add a personal touch to your decorations such as mirrors, pillows, runners, benches, tablecloths and place mats .